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MOD POST: Want to be a member of Gotham Public Library?


If you’re a writer or artist who’d like to be able to add your works to Gotham Public Library, an online group centered around fanfiction and fanart centered around Batman/DCU, then please click the link above and send your e-mail address in a private ask, that way I can give you posting access.

If you aren’t accepted within two days, then please resend the e-mail.  Tumblr’s eating asks again, and I’ve already had to resend a couple of invites.

Mockingbirds & Butterflies - Chapter 3

Title:  Mockingbirds & Butterflies - Chapter 3

Genre:  General/Drama/Family

Rating: PG-13

Fandom: DCU

Pairing: ???

Summary:  Old nightmares have been dredged up by the recent events in Tim Drake’s life.  Once he awakens, though, another surprise is waiting for him in his bedroom.

Previous Chapter <—————> Next Chapter

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Young Justice AU Fanfic: First Day of School

Title:  First Day of School

Genre:  General

Verse:  Young Justice (Earth-16)

Rating:  G

Fandom:  Batman/Young Justice animated series

Pairing:  none

Summary:  (follows “He’s the Black Cat Who Crosses Your Path”)  It’s fourteen-year old Jason Todd’s first day at Gotham Academy.  Unfortunately, it’s not even fifth period yet and he’s already been pulled into the headmaster’s office for fighting.  Both his legal guardian and the father of the boy he got in the scuffle with are on their way.

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Kodokuna Shōjo - Chapter 1 - The Well Under the Cherry Blossoms


Title:  Kodokuna Shōjo (A Lonely Girl)

Author: C.R. Scott (writing blog)

Genre:  Horror

Rating: PG-13

Status:  Work in Progress

Starring Characters: Tim Drake (Red Robin), Damian Wayne (Robin)

Summary/Author Notes:  By day, Tim Drake is in Tokyo, Japan to promote Wayne Enterprise’s Neon Knights youth outreach program.  By night, Red Robin helping Mr. Unknown, the Batman of Japan, to investigate a string of strange suicides by teenagers in the nearby city of Hachiōji.  (Trigger warnings - Death)

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Started a new fan fiction story last night. It’s combining Batman with Japanese horror in a way. I published it on a new blog I started that is going to be focused solely on DCU fan works. I hope you enjoy it.

angel-gidget asked:

For the stories you never wrote challenge: Remember that one story in which Tim collapses during a Titan's mission and when his friends call his listed emergency phone number, Tam answers? Because she's the only one who's memorized all the antibiotics for asplenia he's supposed to take? Because Tim didn't put his new medical records in the Bat Crays 'cause he didn't want Damian to have access to them? That one.

(set in DCnU)

"Knock knock.  Is it alright to come in?" Miguel said as he nudged the bedroom door open a crack.

"Sure.  We’re both decent."

Miguel quietly walked in and paused in the doorway to take in the scene before him. 

Red Robin was fast asleep on the bed, clearly suffering from the sudden illness that brought him down.  However, he didn’t appear to be in as much pain as he had been when Miguel had found him collapsed on the kitchen floor after a hard mission.  The lovely young woman he now knew to be named Tamara was sitting at his bedside, placing a cool compress on his forehead and smoothing his hair away from his face.

She turned to look at Miguel and gave him a grateful smile.  “Thank you so much for bringing me to him.”

Miguel looked sheepish.  “No worries, amiga.  I’m just glad that I found your number on that necklace under his shirt.  What does… Ah-spleh—”

"Asplenia," Tam said knowledgeably.  "It means he doesn’t have a spleen."  Then she sighed and frowned at Red.  "Which means that when this idiot forgets to take his medication like he’s supposed to, he risks getting really sick.  Like now… He’s got pneumonia."

Miguel took a seat on the other side of the bed, opposite Tam, and looked down at Red Robin.  He’d never seen him looking so vulnerable and relaxed before.  It made him wonder about the woman across from him.  “So… are you his girlfriend, Tamara?”

"Please just call me Tam, and girlfriend?" She thought for a moment. "Well, I suppose so.  Tim and I were engaged once…"

Miguel’s eyes went wide.  “Red Robin’s name is Tim?”  Then his eyes went even wider and his voice rose slightly in volume.  “Wait?  Did you say ENGAGED?!”

((heheheheh… in my headcanon for this story I never wrote, Miguel has a serious affections for Red Robin, and is so disappointed when he thinks Tim is straight.  Still, he becomes good friends with Tam, who adores Miguel.  As Tim recovers, Miguel gets to know more about the actual man behind Red Robin, who actually seems to enjoy Miguel’s company as much as Tam’s. Eventually, it’s revealed that Tim is technically bi, Tam doesn’t mind sharing as long as it’s only Miguel, and they both provide Tim all the unconditional affection our poor love-deprived ex-Robin could ever want.))

"Stories I Never Wrote" game on

On Tumblr here, a writing exercise meme has been making rounds among fanfic writers, and I decided it was high time to bring it to

This has been a great and fun exercise because, in essence, you’re pretending that you’ve already written the story in question, and you’re just pulling a short scene out of it.

So here are the adjusted rules for Protagonize:

Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you between one and five sentences from that story… Athough I reserve the right to write more if I feel so inspired.

Then I’ll tell you about three other stories that you haven’t written yet, and I hope you’ll return the favor.

Click on the link above if you want to join in on the fun.  Everyone’s welcome to make this game grow.

Writing an immersive novel is hard

For the last several months now I’ve been trying to write an “immersive novel”.

What is an immersive novel?

I am borrowing a name used by another company that publishes those kinds of stories. Think a grown up version of the Choose Your Own Adventure books. It’s a story told from second person perspective that gives the reader “choices” that can and do markedly change the outcome of the story.

To put it very plainly, trying to write one has not been easy.

My first attempt was an unmitigated disaster. I tried writing one start to “finishes” and ended up with enough wild story branches to choke a whale with only about five complete “endings”, four of which were “bad”.

It was disappointing to say the least.

I’m about to start a second attempt, and I’m hoping I’ll yield better results this time around.

This time, I’m writing one story first. No branches. I don’t even intend for this story to exist on the final work. However, I’ve decided this needs to exist for at least my own sake.

What story is that?

It’s the story of what happens if the “bad guy” wins.

Fun with Timelines


I found a great timeline-generating site.  I’m working on a fanfic project, and I needed some nice sleek way to create a timeline, to help me make sense of everything going on in this AU verse. 

The tool is called Timeline JS, and it’s great because you don’t really need to download anything to use it.  All you have to do is put information down into a Google Docs spreadsheet template they have set up, and then put the published code of it into their online embed generator, and it creates what you see below.

I’ve been having WAY too much fun with this tool.  If I have any complaints about it, the main one is that there’s currently no way to customize the color palette of the published timeline.  I would love to be able to use a different colored background.  But oh well.  This is still a new tool, so customization options are probably in the works.

Vamped Fanfic: What They Both Want…

Title:  What They Both Want…

Genre:  General

Verse:  Vamped(?… not really any official name… yet….)

Rating:  PG-13

Fandom:  DCU/Red Robin

Pairing:  Tim/Tam

Summary: It started with Gidget answering a vampire related prompt where Tam was bitten and Tim charges himself with keeping her safe.  Then it continued with Cr1mson writing a scene continuing the vein.  Now it’s my turn.  It’s one year later, and both of them have different ideas on what they want that may still end up leading them to the same eventual end…

This is a response to a prompt request by Cr1mson. Love ya and I hope you like this.

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